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Make sure to join us this Sunday evening at 5pm for a special prayer night.

How exciting our Sunday nights have been this month. Back to the Basics has been such a wonderful time for our church family. We have had about 65 adults and kids join us over the last two weeks. Dean has done a great job of unpacking fear of the Lord and the table discussions have been wonderful. I am looking forward to the months ahead.

This coming Sunday will be our 3rd Sunday night and it is a prayer night. Often we can find it easy to skip a prayer night, but don't you do it! Our community needs us to be interceding for them. Our wonderful Lord has called us to be a people of prayer. This Sunday evening we will be going out into the community to pray. As we have learned about fear of the Lord we are very mindful of how it shapes our attitude and actions. Therefore we are going to go and intercede for the leaders of our community. We want to pray that they will develop a fear of the Lord. We want their attitudes and actions to be impacted by our incredible Lord and Saviour.

For our prayer time Sunday evening, we would like you to take the initiative and choose a location to pray. You can go and pray with just your spouse or spouse and kids, you can invite some friends and extended family or you could go alone (but that is no fun). Either way, pick a place and intercede for the leadership in that place to develop a fear of the Lord.

Here are a few locations if you don't have any in mind (These listed below are only ideas and are certainly not exhaustive of the opportunities) ;


Playford International College, Elizabeth South Primary, Elizabeth North, Swallowcliffe, Kaurna Plains, Tyndale, Hope College, BCCC, Elizabeth Park, St Thomas More.


Police Station, Fire Station, Mayor Chambers, Court House, Library,


Lyell McEwin, Central Districts, GP Plus, Elizabeth Medical and Dental


Elizabeth Church of Christ, Playford Baptist, NCOH, Andrews Farm, Hope Central.

Other Areas:

Community Centres, Sporting Clubs, Shopping Centres, Parks

Maybe gather your family or friends and discuss a place you would like to go.

Hamanda will be at our church to pray for the Leadership of Elizabeth Church of Christ, if you don't have anywhere else you feel led to go, please feel free to join her.


1) Gather at your location @ 5pm and pray

2) Gather back at ECOC at 5:45.(unless that was your location and you are already there)

3) Have a cup of tea/coffee and share about your prayer time.

4) Wrap up the night with prayer as a whole church family.

I again want to thank you for joining us in this new season of Sunday nights. Our spiritual formation is so vital in our Christian growth. I am looking forward to seeing how God continues to mold and shape us for his Glory.

Bless ya,

Pastor Brent


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