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Welcome to Elizabeth Church of Christ, a community desiring to bring glory to God by taking the gospel into everyday life and making disciples along the way.

Our heart is for you to feel welcomed and part of the family. As followers of Jesus, it is important to us that you are loved, valued and connected to. While you are here, we trust you will experience and encounter the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ.

As a community focused on bringing glory to God, we believe this happens by fulfilling the great commandment and the great commission. Firstly, the Great Commandment: To Love God and Love others. Secondly, the Great Commission: To proclaim the Gospel and Make Disciples.

Our philosophy is simple:

Connect to God - Connect to Others - Connect Others to God.

We believe that we are created to love God (Connect to God). We do this through prayer, worship, studying the Bible and everyday life experience. We are always looking for our ordinary life to connect to our extraordinary God.

We also believe that God has called us to love others (Connect to Others). Our love for others compels us to build real relationships with people. As God brings people across our path, we want to purposefully connect to them and do life with them.

We are also called to Connect Others to God. It is so important that we share the good news of Jesus (proclaim the gospel) and walk in relationship with people as they discover more about him (make disciples). This is at the heart of our vision. Our world needs to know there is hope for life. This hope is found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. God is glorified as others find the wonderful salvation of our Lord.

We would love for you to  join us, as we journey with Jesus and live our lives to bring him Glory!


Pastor Brent

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