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What Happens in

KIDS Ministry

  • WHEN: KID’S Ministry occurs during the 10.45am service.  The children are in church for the first 10 to 15 minutes of the service and then they go out to KIDS Ministry.

  • SAFETY: Children are marked off on a roll. If they are coming for the first time they need to be registered. The parents will be given a form to complete.  The children are closely supervised and are not allowed to leave the KIDS Ministry area unless it is with their parent/s.

  • THEME: Each term a new Biblical theme is chosen for the term. The stories, games and craft are all connected with the theme.

  • WORSHIP: The children first meet together as a whole group for worship. In the worship time they sing Christian songs, there is a prayer time and they go over their memory verse for the term. Once the worship time is over the Sparklers, who are preschool age, go off to their area for their story and craft time.

  • MISSION: During the worship time the children also given the opportunity to bring an offering to give to missions. During the year the children choose a missions project they would like to give to. From time to time different mission needs are shared with the children.

  • STORY TIME: The children from Reception to year 6 go together for a Bible Story. The story is connected with the theme for the term and usually involves visuals, props and maybe some drama. Once a term during story time the children are given an opportunity to make a Faith Response to Jesus.

  • GAME: After the story time the children move out for a game that is also connected with the theme. It is also an opportunity for the children to get up and move around after sitting for awhile.

  • SMALL GROUPS: Once the game is over the children move into their small groups. There are three small groups; Reception/year 1;  year 2/3 and year 4/5/6. In the small groups the students examine the story and theme for the day in more depth. There will be a chance for discussion, reading the Bible and praying.

  • CRAFT: The final activity is the craft. The craft, as with everything else, is aligned to the theme. There will usually be a craft item for the children to bring home to reinforce what they have been learning about.

  • SNACK: Parents are rostered on to provide a healthy snack for the children. This helps give them the energy to keep going.

  • LEADERS: There are always four teachers present and usually a couple of volunteers who are supporting the leaders. The leaders are committed Christians who have to have a current Police Check and undergo Child Safe Training. They are all very dedicated and passionate about teaching your children.

  • DISMISSAL: When the KIDS Ministry time comes to an end the children have to wait in the Youth Shed until their parents come and collect them. They are not allowed to leave without a parent and as they go their names are crossed off of the roll.

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