Our KIDS Ministry  runs every Sunday  in the 10.45am service.

We have three groups: Sparklers (2.5- 4yrs), JamKids (reception-year 1) and Fuse (year 2- year 6)


Our to see kids ignite a passionate personal faith in Jesus Christ, which is grounded in the Word of God.  We then endeavor to disciple them in their walk with God.  It is our hope that they will continue to grow and develop into the very purpose God has for them.  We devote our time with them to developing a life which is evidence of the relationship they have with Jesus.  

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Term 2, 2021



A tree doesn’t TRY to grow fruit; it grows naturally as long as the tree has plenty of water and sunlight. The tree spends it’s time trying to reach down for water and reach up for sunlight and the fruit comes as a result. In the same way, when we focus on trusting in God and filling our mind and hearts with God’s Word, the fruit of the Spirit will start to naturally be seen in our life.


Ages 2.5 - 5 years

The children first meet together as a whole group for worship. In the worship time they sing Christian songs, there is a prayer time and they go over their memory verse for the term. Once the worship time is over the Sparklers, who are preschool age, go off to their area for their story and craft time.

Reception to Year 1

The children from Reception to year 6 go together for a Bible Story. The story is connected with the theme for the term and usually involves visuals, props and maybe some drama. After the story time the children move out for a game that is also connected with the theme. It is also an opportunity for the children to get up and move around after sitting for awhile.

Year 2 - Year 6

Next, the children move into their small groups according to age. In the small groups the students eat a snack while examining the story and theme for the day in more depth. There will be a chance for discussion, reading the Bible and praying. The final activity is the craft. The craft, as with everything else, is aligned to the theme. 

K.I.D.S Ministry does not aim to represent the entire spiritual input. Each child needs to grow in a relationship with Jesus. Our purpose is to partner with parents in their God given responsibility of providing the primary spiritual training of their children (Deut 6: 4-9, 11:18-21; Psalm 78:5-8; Eph 6:4)


We believe that children of all ages have the ability to know and experience a God who loves them and in time recognize their need for salvation, making their own choice to become a follower of Jesus. As children grow and develop physically, emotionally and spiritually at different ages we provide a series of programs that have been designed to meet their needs at an age appropriate level. Each group is led by the same team of committed leaders/ helpers all year round so that children can feel safe and share what's going on in their lives with people they know and trust.

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