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At Elizabeth Church of Christ, we strive for our church services to be an uplifting and encouraging experience between God and His people.  As God calls us into His presence we seek to respond with songs of praise and adoration. Although we realise that worship through song is all about God and not about us, we do recognize that different people worship in different ways.  Therefore, we seek to provide opportunity for people to fully express their worship to God.

Our 9am service is a traditional worship service that lasts for about an hour. Here, we pray you will encounter the presence of God as you join with us in timeless hymns and choruses that the church has been worshipping with for generations.

Our 10:45am service is designed to be contemporary and family friendly. A KIDS ministry program, for 2.5 -12 year olds, run every week. While the children learn about the Lord in a way that is applicable to them, we hope that you too will be drawn closer to God. Incorporating modern praise and worship styles with other forms of creative worship, we are always looking for fresh and relevant ways to express our adoration to God and God alone.  


In all our services, we invite you to join us in celebrating the Lord’s Supper and opening the Word of God and allowing it to transform our lives.

Sunday Nights at Elizabeth begin at 5pm and conclude at 6:30pm. Using combination of Bible Studies, Prayer Nights, and Worship Services, we will dig into various subjects together and learn from each other.  




Our vision as the Worship Ministry of Elizabeth is to train and develop every members’ abilities, both spiritually and musically.

We aim to transform ourselves from being in the worship team, to becoming a part of the worship ministry. We have a passion to be constantly allowing God to shape our music gifting and abilities.  Ultimately we aim to be a people who are constantly learning to lead others into worship of God by living a life of faith, as we seek to worship the Lord in humility, intimacy and passion.


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