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Supporting Pastors and Evangelists in Rural Communities

The growth of rural churches in the Associated Churches of Christ in Zimbabwe combined with the lack of resources to pay for full-time pastors means that many serve between four to eight churches. These churches are often geographically distant and difficult to access by foot. There is a need for more pastors and evangelists to minister to the growing churches and for these church leaders to have more regular contact with their rural congregations. Our support helps build the capacity of local people in ministry by supporting key leaders and developing leadership skills.
Evangelists are in the frontline of bringing the gospel to rural areas. There is much to praise God for despite harsh conditions and increasing economic hardship. Many are coming to faith and new churches are being established every year. COVID-19 has brought lock downs, which is especially hard for city pastors who rely on the congregation’s offerings for income. They value prayer for the rural churches that have recently been established, that they will be able to keep connecting in and growing spiritually.

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