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Improving Infrastructure on the island of Tanna

Our church has a long history of working with the people in Vanuatu. We have built a strong partnership with a number of churches and a school on the island of Tanna in the south of Vanuatu. Over a period of ten years we have sent numerous teams to Vanuatu to build classrooms and churches as well as providing resources and training in education, health and building and construction. We have also provided training in Biblical studies and engaged in Gospel outreach programmes.
Our major focus has been on the Isla Primary School which is located in the centre of the island. Not every child is able to receive an education in Vanuatu because of a shortage of schools and a lack of trained teachers. Our early trips were focussed on building facilities and so we added a number of new classrooms, built a church, upgraded a healthcare centre, installed solar panels as well as restoring a hospital on the northern island of Ambae. In latter trips our teams focussed more on sustainability by providing training and working to develop leaders and helping with developing policies and strategic planning.
Over this time Vanuatu has been hit by several powerful cyclones which caused significant damage to homes, schools and hospitals. We were able to respond to these events by providing funds for emergency relief. In the future we will continue to provide support for the churches on Vanuatu and from time to time we plan to send to teams across to give encouragement and provide further training.

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