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Papua New Guinea

Training Future Leaders at Gandep Bible College

There are over 6,000 Christians and 200 Churches of Christ churches scattered along the Ramu, Keram, Sepik, Sogeram and Ywat Rivers in the Schrader Ranges and the land between. Many of these churches are located in the most remote settings of PNG and are difficult to access. Travel is by canoe or foot; communication is by radio (when they work!). When there is a regional renewal or teaching program, hundreds and hundreds of people come – sometimes walking for several days!
The Principal, Steven Yamok, graduated from the Christian Leaders Training College (PNG) with a Masters of Theology at the end of 2017, and fellow lecturer, Caleb Dankro, completed a Bachelor of Theology. Together they rewrote the curriculum at Gandep so that students can now graduate with a Diploma rather than just a Certificate.
Gandep Bible College provides theological training and practical application for church leaders. Along with pastors and evangelists there are also projects helping people to read the Bible in their own language, training church treasurers, women’s ministry training and training leaders for children’s ministry.

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