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Church Planting in Remote Regions

In partnership with the Bhutanese Evangelism Church (BEC), we are partnering to build a church in a remote area in Makwanpur in central Nepal.

The church has about 19-20 believers. One of the BEC congregation, Roshan, has an elder brother who has been serving in this place since 2016. The believers there are from the Chepang caste community. Placed in this class, with no social ranking, by the government, the Chepang are one of the poorest castes in Nepal . The severe topography makes permanent farming difficult and typically results in insufficient yields. They live a semi nomadic lifestyle with the forest being an important resource. Many Chepang cannot read and write due to limited education. There are limited health facilities available to them and many of them struggle with poor health., Almost 90% of Chepangs live below the poverty line.

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