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Jobs for Life's mission is to create pathways to meaningful work and entrepreneurial opportunities through community engagement.


For years, the Church has been engaged in the fight to break the cycle of poverty.

What if we started lending a hand instead of just a handout?

What if there was a way to help people find meaningful employment?

What if there was a way for churches to change things so that money and resources went in to helping people find employment so that they can care for themselves?

What if millions of unemployed people were working because our local churches intervened?


Through Jobs for Life we believe the Local Church can break the cycle of joblessness and poverty so families are restored and children grow up with hope and a future.

Where communities and entire cities are renewed because purpose and dignity have been restored.

It would change our community and it would change our nation.
About The Course

The 16 week course focuses on each person’s unique design and the importance of work. The course encourages and motivates students to develop the soft skills required in being a dependable employee. The Jobs for Life course does teach practical skills but the emphasis is on identity and character first. 

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Biblically Based 

Jobs for Life was developed in the US and is a fantastic Bible based program that helps get people back into meaningful employment and along the way it also disciples people in how the Gospel can give them hope and purpose for their lives.


Each participant is assigned a mentor. The role of a mentor is to support those participating in the program. They attend classes with them and catch up with them once a week to assist them with homework. The role of a mentor is vital to the success of the program, but mentors don’t need any special qualifications.

Connections with Local Business Owners  

Jobs for Life continues to make           connections with local business owners 
who come and share with the students about their business and what they look for in employees. As those businesses have job vacancies, Jobs For Life can refer graduates for employment  opportunities.


The Jobs For Life course is currently being run on Wednesday afternoons at Elizabeth Church of Christ. If your church or community centre would be interested in running the Jobs For Life program in the future, let us know. 

Upcoming course dates

Our next course will begin in

Term 3 of 2024


If you or someone you know would benefit from this course, we would love to hear from you. 

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