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5:00 PM


Developing the 

Fear of the Lord

How the way we view God shapes our lifestyle


Deepening in the

Word of the Lord

How to read the Bible for yourself


Delighting in

Time with the Lord

The why's and how's of having a regular quiet time


Discerning the

Voice of the Lord

How to know and obey God's voice

The Spiritual Formation of our church family is vital to our being ambassadors of Christ.  Our sphere of influence will be greatly impacted when we allow God to greatly impact us. Therefore Sunday nights are  a wonderful and exciting training ground, preparing us for our purpose in life. Using a combination of Bible Studies, Prayer Nights and Worship Services, we will dig into these subjects together and learn from each other. Whether you have been a Christian for 5 days or 50 years, this will be of great benefit to our entire congregation. We encourage you to come along. 

Sunday nights at elizabeth.png

November 6th

Bible Study with

HAManda waqairagata

November 13th

Bible Study with

hamanda waqairagata


Prayer Meeting



Cafe Church



6:30 PM


Childcare and Dinner Provided on

Bible Study nights

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