Girls’ Brigade equips girls and young women in life and leadership skills while building up their faith and relationship with Christ in a safe and secure environment


Girls' Brigade is a vital youth ministry which meets each Tuesday night at the church building.

It provides a broad based program which incorporates the Christian message.

The girls have a church parade visit each term.

This ministry is for girls from primary age to young adulthood


Tuesday night: 6.30pm - 8.00pm at the church


Contact person Lyn Valladares 0413 185 807

Sharon Neville 8255 1853

Church Office 8255 2467



The Girls Brigade Crest The Crest is an international symbol of Girls' Brigade, and worn as part of the uniform all over the world.

In the centre, a cross: The symbol of Christ and his ChurchBelow it, a lamp: That our light may shine out upon the worldAbove it, a crown: That we may own Christ as our KingBehind it all, a flame: A symbol of Christs' living spirit, and our own devotion to Him.


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