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What is a Disciple Now Weekend? 

A "Disciple Now" (DNow) weekend  focuses on discipleship and spiritual growth among teenagers. The weekend is designed to provide a focused time for young people to deepen their relationship with God, learn more about their faith, and connect with their peers in a spiritually meaningful way. Rather than taking the youth away for this, the Disciple Now will take place here at the church and the youth will stay in the homes of church members (girls and boys separated and all homes have child safe clearances). This will provide a cozy and personal atmosphere for discussions and teachings, while also keeping the cost low.


During our Disciple Now weekend, the youth will engage in various activities such as worship sessions, Bible studies, small group discussions, prayer times, and fun activities. The goal is to create an environment where they can explore and deepen their faith while building strong relationships with their peers and adult mentors.


The term "Disciple Now" reflects the emphasis on the idea of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and the importance of personal growth and transformation in the faith. This weekend will revolve around the theme of “Together”, being unified with one another, regardless of differences, united by their common love for Christ. Our guest speakers and Bible Study leaders will be from YWAM Canberra.


This Disciple Now weekend will aim to provide teenagers with an immersive and spiritually enriching experience that will encourage them to live out their faith in their everyday lives and develop a stronger understanding of what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Because of this, we ask that once youth are dropped off on the Friday night, they not leave the Disciple Now weekend, except in case of emergency. 

Tentative Schedule


5:00 pm - Arrival

5:30 pm - Introductions and Dinner

7:00 pm - Worship Service

8:00 pm - Depart to Host Homes

8:30 pm - Bible Study and Hangs


9:00 am   - Breakfast, Bible Study, hang in homes

12:00 pm - Depart to Church

12:30 pm - Lunch at Church

2:00 pm   - Big Fun Afternoon Activity 

4:00 pm   - Bible Study

5:00 pm   - Dinner

6:30 pm   - Bonfire Night

9:00 pm   - Return to Homes



8:00 am   - Breakfast, Bible Study, Pack up

10:30 am - Depart to Church

10:45 am - Church

12:30 pm - Pick Up


Cost for the weekend

$30 covers all meals, accommodation, transportation and activities.

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